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Vinca Minor Bowles

Vinca Minor Bowles

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Vinca Bowles, Periwinkle, Myrtle is an evergreen ground cover, perfect for filling in your garden in shady and part shade locations. It blooms a vibrant blue flower in the spring. This durable plant is easy to maintain and will grow as a ground cover with its spreading habit. Rich glossy evergreen leaves that are deer resistant all year long. Enhance your garden with this stunning Vinca variety.

Flats consist of 50 Vinca plugs in individual bio-degradable pots.

Approximate coverage per flat

  • 6″ spacing covers 9sf
  • 8″ spacing covers 16sf
  • 12″ spacing covers 36sf

Planting Instruction for best results;

1. Before you plant, mulch the area. As this will help keep the moisture in the soil and also keep the erosion at bay from the run off when you water.
2. Plant the vinca in clusters of 2 pots/plugs per hole. This will make it easier to water as you only have to keep 25 spots wet.
3. Make a little well around each planting, like a saucer, so when you water the water stays around the plant and gets soaked into that spot.
4. When you water, fill each well or saucer up with water twice . Let the first watering soak in then come back and do it again.
5. With this method every other day of watering will keep things moist and allow them to establish.
Zone: 4 to 9
Height: 20.00 to 80.00 feet (When Climbing) - 6" on the Ground
Spread: 3.00 to 50.00 feet
Sun: Part shade to full shade
Water: Medium
Maintenance: Low
Suggested Use: Ground Cover, Naturalize
Leaf: Evergreen
Tolerate: Drought, Heavy Shade

We do not ship Plants to California, Arizona, Hawaii, Alaska, & USVI.
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